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For those of us who have been chosen to be mothers, in every capacity, we understand that it is one of the most challenging roles we can ever embark upon. The sacrifices, compromises, patience, prayer, strength, advocacy, humility, and selflessness that it takes to raise children is nothing less than heroic. The battle of David and Goliath cannot be weighed against the battle of a mother who fights against generational curses and the bondage that threatens the freedom that has been laid out in the purpose of God for her children. A mother often is warring within herself, trying to make sense of her past, present, and future, while guiding her children with every new revelation that has been revealed in her spirit. She often prays, "Lord, order my steps...lead me, help me, show me..." A wise mother understands that her own journey has been through winding roads, traveling up hills and resting, at times, in valley lows; but, she also understands that her ability to keep traveling lies within the grace and mercy of a faithful God. As mother's we often attempt to shield our children from hitting the potholes, sharp turns, and slippery roads of life. Because we have already traveled those roads, when we notice that the car is beginning to sway, we reach out to help steer the wheel straight. However, we must remember our own journey. Although we were advised to turn right, we turned left, venturing off the road we knew in an attempt to find our own way, a shortcut that would get us to our destination faster (so we thought). We had to travel those roads against everyone's advise. We needed to take our own journey because little did we know, we had praying mothers who had already prayed for our safe return before we were even able to make the drive. As mother's it can be difficult to let go and watch your children enter into a new journey of life called adulthood, but it's necessary. Remember, when you thought you were traveling on your journey alone, God used that time to draw you closer to him and to reveal himself to you. As mother's we have to remember that our children are not riding alone. There is a passenger in the car and no matter how many turns they make, he will lead them safely home. Let's pray for traveling grace.

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